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I received my clay bars and Z5 Zaino polish the other day from Advanced Car Products in the UK - came recommended on the UK FOC forum.

Did a little work in the garage today and the clay bar seemed to work quite well, picking up small particles from the paint. Although my paint is pretty clean anyway so I didn't expect huge improvements.

I applied the Z5 polish, waited 1/2 hour then buffed it. Seems to be a good shine - difficult to see the result properly until I get the car out the garage, I have applied a second coat which I'll leave over night before buffing.

I noticed when ordering my Zainos that there are loads of polishes available - I ordered the Z5 as it says it's good for removing the swirl marks. Is 'Z2 Pro' worth getting as well? I assume it is compatible with the Z5.

Also has anyone used the accelerator additive? I was unsure of this as I am in no hurry to complete the polishing process.
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