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This weekend I stopped by the local Lambo dealer in Orange County. (I cannot spell Lambo……….. nor the new name or the car) Well, I met a guy who was having his 360 appraised by the dealer. He was buying a new Lambo (yellow) from the dealer. You must understand me, I like to talk and meet people. I did. The cute saleslady was polite to me and the buyer talked to me because both saw my car parked.

Boy, a yellow Lambo is a Sunday afternoon car, which says “F**ire*******tr*********uck You” to most everyone. The man told me he was canceling his purchased of a 575 at my dealer. He was buying the Lambo on his black American Express card.

This fine looking woman told us that Lambo was starting a racing thing for owners. A three days racecourse and then the owners can race their cars. Opps! It would take many days, months, and maybe years to put my sweet little beast on a racecourse against anyone. I have no desire to go into a power slide with this thing. A slower sled might not be so bad.

I did not test-drive it but I think I might. The problem on the right side is still not fixed. Until then, it is NOT a safe car to drive on the freeway.

This guy, I am happy to say, will no longer be a Ferrari owner. He must have been a Porsche owner at one time. His nose was so high I could see up his nostrils. They were hairy. LMAO
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