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I was in my box. After having much wine and great food by the couple which I bought with my wife, I heard “Bart”.

Looking around I saw a man standing up in front of Mike Farrell, the communist. I walked up to him. He had a face I knew but I did not know his name. It was George. I called to my woman to come. She came. I introduced her to George and his wife Linda. They were at Pelican Hills when I hit the 355 with my door. Her company has a box behind me.

He is so nice. How nice? He just purchased a 550 Maranello, which is silver. This man is so smart. How can I not be happy to say Hello to him, the man who buys a sweet thing?

Also, he comes to the music my wife likes. My heavens, can anyone get nicer than that? No.

You meet the nicest people in a Ferrari.

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