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If people ask for it I will do it, otherwise I don't. The reason? I make a lot of pics so it would be a lot of work to do it with let's say 500 pics after a event. And what use does it have? Plates are public. Everybody can see them. When I cover the plates, and everybody would do that, the crooks would go to the events themselves and photograph the cars they want. That way they can even look or the colour looks as good in flash as it does on the pics. Just like VINs, some people start to panic when you write them down. Why? It is a regulation that you have to read it in the front window. Why should I not write it down, when everybody can read it?

Offcourse, when the owner asks not to do it, I won't, but otherwise, I don't see a problem.

Nice pics 360 Spyder
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