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Thanks for your reply. The car in the video clips sounds great.

I tried to translate the site using Babelfish from but it doesn't seem to work.

Is it definitely Japanese?


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Yes that is for sure Japanese.

They are located in Okazaki city? Never heard of it before. This phone number: +81 0564-53-1195

Anyone want me to call and or have a friend call? If you are serious I can find out if they export their exhaust.

Ruff translation:

It is price of the MS muffler

With MS various versions (it corresponded) with to user such as
volume, but the fact that most specifications are really done
standardization (the shipment item) is present condition. For example
the er 2355 tail 65 ? specification TR main silencer -
130 ? specification tapered megaphone tails and the
like and the like being recently not to have produced completely, the
waste board and stripe laughing. If (of course demand it is, it makes
with anytime.)

In addition if in the future inside being like , it shaves
roundly smoothly and in it polishes the tail ended CUT
processing of the MS muffler with the buff... (name you do not
attach?) Also the F40 348 TR GTR wind tail and the
like which is made specification is all car.

At ? tool it can produce can ship also bumper less

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nice jap sound exaust. Always is nice to hear a Ferrari take off.
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