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Got the exhaust from Daniel at Ricambi, the KING of Ferrari parts and accessories.
Got it installed by the Ferrari genious Eugenio who slipped me into his schedule cause he knew how anxious I was to get it done. Eugenio is a true gentleman.
For Anything Ferrari in SoCal===== ========= END OF STORY!

This short clip does absolutely NO JUSTICE for this exhaust system, it is absolutely PHENOMENAL sounding. Near zero resonance in the cabin at low speeds, and SCREAMS at high rpm's. The screams are a lower pitch one.
actually, gonna go drive it again.....

I HIGHLY recommend this brand X-Ost for anybody that wants their 348 to sound the way it was meant to sound.

This video does not do the system justice. It sounds superb.
i will get a moving video done at the next Eurosunday meet or something

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Glad you had a great experience with our sponsor Ricambi America, Daniel is a great guy.

I have also heard wonderful things about Eugenio and understand it is hard to get an appointment with him.

When you get the moving video be sure to try for the video hosting. If you do you'll get 1 year free Elite Membership here on Ferrari Life.


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