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At FerrariLife, our goal is to provide all the information you need, for your Ferrari ownership experience. We offer the Internet’s only premium Ferrari focused website. Everything else, like, is just a single dimensional forum.

FerrariLife has a huge, extensive public Library including:

Ferrari Life Quarterly Magazine
Ferrari and Technical Articles
Book Reviews

It doesn’t end there either, FerrariLife also offers:

The web’s largest Ferrari photo and video gallery
An extensive Registry and model database
A major classified section and a global dealer & shop database

The exclusive Elite Members area includes:

Ferrari Buyer's Guides
Owner's Manuals
Homologation Certificates
Exclusive Ferrari Articles
Sales Brochures
Workshop Manuals

The one area of the site, which we believe is underdeveloped, is the forum. To generate more usage we would like to offer the following incentives:

- Free copy Ferrari Buyers Portfolio book for the 1st 20 new users with over 1,000 posts who join. Book will be mailed when they reach 500 posts on FerrariLife.

- 1 year free Elite Membership for any current member with over 500 posts who joins FerrariLife. Elite Membership will be given after the user reaches 100 post on FerrariLife.

- Free copy of the Ferrari Buyers Portfolio book to any current FerrariLife member who recruits 10 new members (limited to 30 books). New members must have at least 10 posts in the first month of membership to receive book.

- Free 1 year Elite Membership for every FerrariLife member when you reach 2,000 posts (renewed each time you hit the 1,000 mark)

- Existing Elite Members can invite up to five friends, who will get a 1 year Elite Membership as soon as they sign up and post in the forum.

Please pass the word around.

Thanks and all the best for a great 2008

UPDATE: OFFER EXPIRES JUNE 1, 2008. You do not have to reach the above goals by June 1st but you will need to join before June 1st.
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