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Perhaps you have...

One of the most annoying things in detailing is the removal of pet hair and lint from the carpet. I have tried so many tools that all make a dent in the amount of pet hair and lint but none do an exceptional job.

Some of the things that I have tried:
Lint Rollers
Small Rubber Squeegee
I've even gotten my hand slightly moist and wiped it

But there would always require multiple passes and STILL there is usually a bit left behind. One day I decided I would finally crack this problem. I figured that if I did I could make a million dollars.

The two things that I have used were the Squeegee for the large areas and a slightly moist hand for the small areas......... how could I combine the two?

Then it hit me! I ran into the house, reached under the sink and grabbed it! "Where are you going with that," my girlfriend asked. I opened the car door, put them on and cleaned away!

It worked like magic! RUBBER GLOVES!

If you have removed pet hair you can still have pet odor. Pet odor is in the oils that are their hair so you may need to break down the oils then extract.
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