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Who went to Florida last weekend?

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so did anybody goto the Cavallino Classic??
and bring back lot's of pics?
what was present?
now that's an event that i feel is worth of getting on a plane just to visit it.
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I was at the Cavallino all week ... quite an event. I put my 550 on the track at Moroso for two days ... it was great. The Concorso was fantastic with lots of rare and expensive cars from all over the world. Even included a reception at the airport to tour a lot of private jets and a "yacht hop" where you got to crawl all over several $22 million dollar boats! They also ran Ferrari historic Challenge races at Moroso on Friday (drum and disc). Some pretty awesome cars.

Track days were two groups - Sport and GT. I rode GT since I didn't bring a firesuit. Supposed to be limited to 90 mph in GT but I was getting 140 on the front straight and getting passed! What a variety of cars on the track! ... Pass a pre-war Ferrari, then a 250 GTO ($6 - $8 mil a copy) then get passed by a 333SP in a blur. Wow!

I have pics and in-car video (you may remember me, see topic "550 Pics - Back Again" under Ferrari Discussion) but I won't be back home to upload for two weeks. Let me know if you would like to see them. :D
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1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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