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Which Tire?

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I have a 550. The manual tells me I may buy only one tire from either Goodyear, Bridgestone, Pirelli, or Michelin. I do most of my driving on the Southern California Freeways. Normally I do not go over 75 -80 mph. Of course, there are times in which I may up that speed a little. Tomorrow I drive to Las Vegas on thunder road (I-15). I know my speed may be a little high. The outside temperature will be 110 degrees in the shade. There is no shade on thunder road. Maybe 130 – 150 outside. The tires will be a little warm.

Which replacement tires should I look for?

ps: May my beloved Ferrari Company continue to do well in Formula I.
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I really like the Firestone Firehawks on my car. They are "Z" rated and handle and ride real smooth. When these wear out I will probably get another set. If you go to you can do a comparison of almost any tire out there.
Dont skimp on tires, only buy the best for a car like that.
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