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Hi All... my search for a 355 still continues...seen a few within an hour of London over the last couple of months.. no joy yet.. I currently have details of 3 cars:

Car 1: 1995 F355 Berlinetta, Red, black leather, 45000 miles, sports exhaust, asking price: £38000 (private sale)
Car 2: 1995 F355 Berlinetta, Red, black leather, 40000 miles, sports exhaust, asking price: £38500
(private sale)
Car 3: 1995 F355 Berlinetta, Red, Cream leather, 36000 miles, STANDARD exhaust, asking price: £39000
(Car 3 has had only 2 owners - dealer car / trade sale)

They are all RHD, all have full service history and only Car 2 needs an annual service. the other 2 have been serviced recently. No known issues with any car, i've been told. now my questions are:

1) Are these prices reasonable ? What should I be paying ?

2) Is 45000 miles a reason to worry about ? regarding reliability / maintenance and re-sale value ?

3) None of these cars have had the manifolds crack (well not that the current owners know of .. as I've been told)... When do the manifolds go on these ?.. at what mileage ? When I go and see these cars this weekend... how do I know if the manifold is cracked ? what am I supposed to be looking / listening for ?

With these mileages... I don't have to worry about the valve guide problem, do I ? What are the tell tale signs of this ?

I am hoping to make time this weekend and see all three... they are dotted all over the country.. so I have a lot of driving to do.. I am hoping with your help I can go and make an informed decision as to whether to make an offer or not.. and what kind of money to offer...?

Your thoughts / comments / tips much appreciated.... can't wait to find the right one.. and join the club !


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Hemang, A few opinions:
1) Before you make a final offer, would have a pre purchase inspection done.
2) The asking prices look reasonable. I would only make a final offer after the PPI is completed. The PPI will likely turn up a number of issues that need attention. Who pays to have these done should be part of the final price negotiation.
3) The the manifolds will be checked as part of the PPI. One, not full proof check, is to open the engien compartment with the engine running and see if you can feel or hear exhaust escaping from the sides of the engine bay.
4) Valve guides will not likely be a problem at these mileages.
5) If the F355 has been properly maintained, mileage should not be an issue from a reliability standpoint. The higher the mileage, the more difficult to resale though.

Good luck.
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