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Hi there,

I currently live in mainland Europe but I may be moving to the UK soon. One great thing about the Swiss and German markets is that you can easily lease used Ferraris with realistic, guaranteed resale values, and interest rates are really low. To give you an example, leasing a £100,000 used F430 F1 berlinetta (3,000 miles car) cost me about £500 per month over 48 months, with an initial £40,000 deposit and about £50,000 residual.

Now, do such deals exist in the UK from reputable financial service providers, and if so, are there any names/websites to check out? So far I've only found websites leasing new Ferraris, but it doesn't make any sense for me as the depreciation would be a huge loss and it wouldn't be my "everyday" car anyway, so I don't need any of the "all inclusive" lease-hire stuff.

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