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Wheelie Machine
I had an awesome day riding today, its still 80 Degrees here in So Cal,,summer in November,,as usual., I started the morning on my 84 GPz 1100, I just installed a Barnett Kevlar clutch, it worked out really good,,spent a couple of hours riding around my infamous Palos Verdes coast,,and my loop around the San Pedro, Los Angeles Harbor. After lunch,I hopped on the Monster, and decided to flip it into Sport mode,..This bike translates thought right into action , like no other bike I have owned,,,it turns, brakes, and all the rest with razor sharp accuracy,, I found myself pulling beautiful wheelies, off the power in 2nd, through 3rd and 4th, on several occasions,,I was so stoked covering serious distance on the back wheel...I had just as much fun carving up the front and back side off the PV canyon,,stopping at Trump National for a couple of diet cokes,,it was hot today,,,Tonight,,I got back on the 1200 and rode around up through Manhattan , Hermosa, and Redondo Beach,,PCH and all.

I love this bike !!

Next Year,,Im going for the Black R,,,


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