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Wheel choice for 1989 tr ??

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I just purchased a 1988 1/2 tr and I want to replace the stock wheels with something that looks a little more "today". I was considering the 512tr wheels but they are soooooo expensive. Can anyone suggest an alternative that looks similar to the 5t12 tr wheel. I would also want the ferrari emblems for the wheels? thanks. pd
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Check Forza Magazine
they usually have some store's listed that can help you
But if you want to have a cavallino emblem on the rims, then you will have to get original ferrari rims
Congratulations on your purchase. To be honest I like the original rims that go with it, but that is up to you. You can either upgrade them to the latest TR rims or 512TR rims as you indicated. I am not sure which will all fit, but I assume BBS and the like will all have rims available. Maybe even Hamann motorsports. I think your best bet will be Germany, since many 'tuners' are located there!

Thanks for the input guys. I ordered a set of the newer 512 tr wheels. I will post some pictures once the wheels/tires are installed. pd :p
Congratulations and nice choice of wheels. It's best to stay with Ferrari spec wheels as the suspension might be sensitive to aftermarket rims.

Good point Barry. Something I had not thought about. Thanks. pd :D
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