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Wheel changing...

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Last night I took one of the rear wheels off to put the new (wider) wheel on, just to check the clearances before I get some rubber for them.

Screwed into the hub were two brass/copper 'pins' which I had to remove to get the new wheel to fit. Does anyone know what these pins are for? Are they just locating pins, or do they have another function?
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These locating pins to help you align the wheel to the bolt holes and, to a lesser extent hold the disc onto the axle when the wheels aren't bolted on. Why do you need to remove these? They have been present on all of the Ferrari's I have worked on. It seems strange therefore that your new wheels do not accomodate them.
Thanks for the info. The 'new' wheels I have are not original Ferrari wheels, and although they look the same/similar (from both sides) the recesses between the bolt holes don't seem to be deep enough to accommodate the pins. I could be wrong though, as it took me ages to line up the holes on the original wheel when I put it back on.

I'll be more patient when I get tyres and fit the 'new' wheels and maybe they'll line up OK.
Your not alone in finding the wheels hard to position on the hubs. Hill Engineering make a great tool to help with this. A must have. Have a look at


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