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What's this???

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I saw these on Spa on sunday and have now clue what it is, they do have Ferrari engines
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No idea, but I think it might be some DIY work. Looks like a Testarossa engine installed, which I assume is not the most perfect engine for serious sportscar racing.

Well there where about 5-6 of those opens sports cars
Unfortuanally i didn't get a chance to talk to any of the owners
Six???? Wow, they are well hidden then! I never saw one before and am puzzled by it. I know that some Sportcars used Ferrari engines like Kuzma and Lancia in the eighties and I believe also Riley & Scott and some others more recently, but they do not look like this. I don't think they would even have a Ferrari badge on the nose like these cars!

Who knows what this might be or where it is used for?

I was suprised also, i have no clue what they are and in what they raced??? :-?

here are some of the others
and some more plus another engine shot
that's about 6 different open cars and 1 closed
Help me out here, guys. How do I view the pics of these cars? The only link I see is to DJ's, but not to any specific photos. What am I doing wrong? :question:

BTW, I did eventually see what you were talking about when someone posted it with another Ferrari message group and asked what it was but that was only one photo. Where can I see the other photos? You have to understand, I'm still a little green. :green:
Nevermind! As soon as I logged in to post that message, voila! Let me take a look and see if I have any info on these cars. :lol:
So your on Telaio as well! I sent it out to find out more and the replies range from Renault Spider based to totally replica. I find the engine weird for a Ferrari since quattrovalvole is named something like cinquevalvole!

Niels, yes I am also on Telaio. I didn't see any of the responses except for, I think it was Marcel, who just blew it off. They might have responded directly to you or it might be because I have recently switched to the new "Geezer" list with the modern list only coming as a digest once a day.

Anyway, the engine is definitely that of the 355, hence the 5-valve stamping. Here is a picture of a 355 engine. No doubt, they are the same. The car does look like the Renault Spider, but I can find no reference to any mating of Renault Spiders and 355 motori. Very interesting.
Niels, Lwausbrooks

thanks for looking around also.
I'm totally puzzeled what these are and in what categorie they race(d).

And they do not resemble a Renault Spyder that hard IMO
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