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How can you complete the following phrase:

"Ferrari for me is..."

- a pet
- a girlfriend
- a baby
- a friend
- a mother
- a god
- a prize
- a toy
- a home
- a black hole where all the cash disappears
- a dream
- a nightmare
- a good investment
- a masterpiece of art
- my preciousssss.........................gollm...............gollm
- a pain in the neck
- just a car
- "what is a Ferrari?"

you can add you own answers as well :)

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THE car!

Don't car about the occassional '... beats Ferrari' treats. ;-)

It has it all normally: looks, sound, speed and special feeling even when it is ages old.

Can't say that for Porsche: nice, fast car but it is just a lowered beetle ;-)


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"A Ferrari for me is..."

- the ultimate toy.
- a lifestyle.
- a state of mind.
- something special.

I think it is more than "just a car". You have a Dodge, you change the oil. You have a Ferrari and it gets "serviced". You wash the Dodge, you "detail" the Ferrari. You take the Dodge down to the store, you take the Ferrari for "a drive".
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