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What you've desperately been waiting for

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Here's the car I use to drive me around. It's a 1989 Audi 100 with over 200k (odo is stuck), hail dents, a window that keeps sliding down, a cracked windshield, and no reverse...It's not perfect, but I don't ride the school bus, so it's all good :wink: .


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Heck it's a virtual limousine!! Nice one :up:

BTW, how on earth do you manage without reverse??? (Your life's motto : I ain't going backwards for nobody!?) :green:
no reverse??
well heck that's a new one that you hadn't told before, or i forgot about it.
but how on earth do you park your car then, or drive off your driveway?
It's true. I haven't had reverse for about 3 weeks.
It really is a luxury that is manageable without, unlike drive. :eek:
In the driveway i just pop it in neutral, roll out, then turn the ignition and stick it in drive. That's the only time I need reverse. In parking lots I just pull all the way through the spot and I'm ready to go. If that doesn't work then i just make my own spot on the side! 8)

No problems! :lol:
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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