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I'm new here, just joined today. Reason I'm joining is that we are picking up a car after a long long search. It's a 2006 f430 Spider. Nicely equipped and about 2k miles.

Ok, so.. here is my question to the experts on hand:

When we go to pick up this car (non-refundable deposit has been made, so we're buying it), what do we look for, what are common issues when people roll these cars around? The car has 2k miles and was put into service Jan 31, 06.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I assume the car is tip-top, but don't want to bite an expensive bullet.

Thanks in advance, and hopefully I can become an active part of your community, as I love forums.




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For a car that new you won't have too much to worry about unless the previous owner was a major jacka**. Your car will still be under the factory warranty and at 2k miles there won't be much to look for.

Just to be safe do your homework. Ask to see the service records (if any) and most importantly, speak to the dealer that sold the car to the owner. They will know if the car has been in the shop and what condition it is in.

Good luck on the purchase, let us know how it goes.
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