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What I have been up to...

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Its been a while since I posted here, thought I'd get back in touch with things.

I haven't been doing much with my car, because I had taken it in to a well-known body shop here in Vancouver for some cosmetic repairs and thus was out of my hands (first time in four years! All this time, when the car needed work, I did it. Unfortunately, I don't have a spray-booth!). I had a small dent in the nose (don't ask...) which I hadn't taken care of for the longest time, plus numerous paint chips and blemishes which really stood out with black paint. Considering I was having all this work done and it was needing paint-work, I decided to have "extra" work done, I returned the car to its original paint scheme: Black with lower matt-Black Boxer trim! Totally unique for this car! This is how it left the factory back in '75.

Here are a series of pics of it, plus details shots. Its now looking perfect for Monterey and Concorso Italiano!


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From a distance you can hardly see the difference in the blacks. I'm glad you took the close up. The paint is incredible. I'm not saying this because it is your car, but because it is the truth. You have the best looking Dino in the world. Those photos look like the car is strait from the factory as if it is 1975 today. Getting ready for FCA 2004 I take it :wink: That will be a blast of an event. If you need a half-way point to rest my new home in SF is open to you (of course we have to take a small ride in your car as payment :green:)
I completely agree with Andrew - it looks absolutely stunning.
Yabbbbbbaa yabbba yabbbbba I want one! :eek:ha:

What a car :up: Sen-bloody-sational, Peter! I've never seen a black GT4 before, and it just seems to be a perfect match for the car's lines. It looks the business, definitely.

BTW are they std rims? They do look to have a fair offset on them.
Thanks for all of the compliments guys. Andrew, I've got all my accommodations taken care of, but I'll be more than happy to offer you a ride :) I agree, the matt-black is very subtle... Just what I wanted. I'll be interested in seeing people's reactions to it at C.I.

4kids, they are the (optional when new) 7 1/2 x 14" Campagnolo rims. My spare is strangely a 6 1/2" (again, Campagnolo Pentastar design), which does look flatter than these.
wow, looking great peter, so you are getting here ready for the photo shoot this summer, smart man :green:

so, euhm?
what's up with that dent in the nose?
:roll: :p :wink: :green:
Peter, Your car looks amazing. I really like the Black on Black Boxer trim. Best looking 308 GT4 I have ever seen. Boxer 42
Dj Dirk said:, euhm?
what's up with that dent in the nose?
:roll: :p :wink: :green:
Ha ha, the dent is gone!

I guess I'll tell... It happened last year. I was driving into the town I live and I wanted to get into the left-turn lane, but the traffic was backed-up quite a bit... There was a narrow opening inbetween the truck ahead of me and the curb of the turning lane... I missed the curb but hit the bumper of the truck!! :cry: You've been to North America before so you'll know that the trucks are big and tall and because of that, the bumper of the truck hit the nose instead of the bumper. I didn't even make a scratch on the truck. I was pissed off to say the least. Here's a "before" picture of the damage. I got over it soon after, because it was a simple mistake, lack of attention. It is metal it has been fixed. Just was one of those stupid things...


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Here's the "after" pic. Bye-bye dent! :p


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That must hurt. If somebody crashes into you, ok, but to know that is simply your fault...
Well, next time you think twice ;)
Looks like some good work. Are you entering the car in the concours?
nope, haven't been in North America yet, but i do know they love their trucks there and i know that those things are big
and man, that's a pretty big dent, they did a really fine job on it
Your car looks great Peter!!!!!!
Enzo250GTO said:
Looks like some good work. Are you entering the car in the concours?
No, because there are too many small details which would deduct points, like aftermarket electronic ignition, fuel and coolant hoses, Borla exhaust, absent emission system, etc... I'm just displaying it.

I don't need an award to tell me my car is perfect, because in my eyes, it is... Its the way I want it!
I must say that I saw Peter's car in person last year. It has a good look about it with the 7 1/2 X 14" rims and 'fat wall' tires. The "Stealth Boxer" trim will really set it off. Looking forward to seeing it this summer.

The Borla exhaust sounds great too! I followed him through the countryside and up to North Vancouver for a show last year and the car is quite quick I might add.

Looking forward to meeting up with you again this year Peter, hopefully for a drive through the countryside if nothing else.

You bet DJ. I know you're going to love the way the car looks when you see it in person. We should (I don't want to say "I hope" because that'll jynx it) have good weather again this year for the Italian car show.
AH, it looks gorgeous, Peter! And wow, that work you had done on the corner did the trick. It looks good. I can't wait to see it in person down at CI.
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