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What happened to the Enzo GT?

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I remember in the 5th Gear tv show they said the car was for sale. But I know someone who went to the Corse Clienti (thats where they keep the retired race cars and prototype cars) and they told him it hasn't for sale and that was in the month of May.

So was it sold or its still at the Corse Clienti?
By the way I would like to know the specs on that car if anyone knows.



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actually it's not for sale
during the FCA Concours i talked to a clubmember who had been at the factory after they aired that episode, he did get too see the car, but the factory told him that the car stays with them at the moment.
so i assume that it will be sold in about 2-3 years or so when the car has gathered some dust.
don't forget that car is the testmould for the Maserati MC12 wich they started racing in the FIA-GT last month
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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