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what does a tubi muffler for a 308 ballpark for???

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interested in a tubi exhaust or muffler for the 308. about what kinda cash would one expect to dish out?
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Me and my machine only use stuff from Ferrari.

No after market things. Sorry. I am not smarter then them on their idea of what is good is cars.

dig deep enough, you will find something that was not made by ferrari on your car. i have the entire center console,seats, and carpet out of the 308 and to my surprise the rear defroster toggle is a ford part#. just dig, you will find
The only thing I have which is not endorsed by Ferrari is my cover for my thing.

like i said dig. a cover is not a part of the car.
I think they run around $2k. You could call Mensi and ask them 1-866-364-5438

Why do you have the console, seats and carpet out of your car?

Not suprised about the Ford part #. You will also find that all the emmissions stuff are made by GM. I had to replace the air pump check valve on my car and I used one I had left over from my Jeep's exhaust.
I only put stebto's on my 308's. I have 1 muffler only and 1 with test pipes. all stainless and very original fit and look unlike tubi at a better price. Great sound. Can email more info if u r interested.
Thats stebro.
Also check archive as I had good discussion inpast with Magoo on 308 muflers including pics of original muffler opened up dispelling all myths as to why 1 side doesnt blow as hard. It has nothing to do with the bend from the rear bank.
we are restoring and cleaning up all the material in the car. we took the seats compleatly apart and did alot of work to the leather. took the carpeting out ans shampoo'ed the carpets. took out the console and cleaned up the material and went through the bad wireing and took all the switchgear apart and cleaned it all up. also we went searching for any rusted or rusting bolts and screws that may be a problem at some point and are replaceing them with new stainless. last week we cleaned up the bottom of the car. you will be surprised at how much shiny metel is under there once you get rid of 24yrs of road grime. i'll go take some pics of the interior and post later.
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