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what do you guys pay on insurance for your 308's

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so? what do you guys get dinged for?
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So in the US you have that same problem that they charge extra just cuz your unther 25.

Well since this year their is finally a new law that doesn't allow it anymore over here.
Not that it mathers for me, but it is good to know if i ever happen to buy me a Ferrari :wink:
several of those points are thru
but they have changed the rules now, don't really know how everything is now, and don't really care since it doesn't apply for me.
But still i find it insulting since i'm 22
I have a license since i'm 17, keep in mind that that is very unusual in Belgium and the bigger part of Europe.
But ok granted i always drove a lot and now that i work i drive about 70.000 km a year for work and another 10.000 - 15.000 private use.
How it came over here was young drivers can't drive, but when you looked at drunk driving those where usually older people, most accident by younger is usually speeding (just receiced another speeding ticket :oops: )
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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