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what do you guys pay on insurance for your 308's

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so? what do you guys get dinged for?
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$450 per year, full coverage.
j brosseau said:
okay cool. thats about what i figured on. see me and my dad bought the car together so i dont know how that will affect it if any.
You said that you are 22, I'd insure it under your dad's name. 25 is the drop off for the insurance rates.
In the US, not only do they give you a discount when you turn 25, you also get a discount if you are married. Women get a discount over men.

Seems statistics show that a 30 year-old married woman is less likely to be involved in a serious car crash than a 20 year-old single man.

I looked up some quick statistics and less than 8% of the drivers in the US are under 20 yet they are involved in over 15% of fatal car crashes. Car crashes are the leading cause of teen deaths in America also. Insurance companies are out there to make money. They charge young drivers more because they are more likely to have to pay out a claim. Here's why:
*Compared as a group, teenagers tend to avoid wearing seat belts and yet they also tend to engage in more risky driving habits such as speeding.
*Teenage drivers often tend to drive at night when driving conditions are more challenging.
*Although teenagers are less likely than older adults to drive after consuming alcohol, when they do, they are more likely to be in an accident due to inexperience both with drinking and with driving.
*Inexperienced teenage drivers are more likely to underestimate road condition hazards, such as slick and icy pavements, and lack skills needed to safely negotiate such conditions.
*Because young drivers tend to use the car less for commuting to work and more for recreational use, they often have many friends in the car, and as a result are more likely to become distracted.

But, if you keep your nose clean and drive responsibly the rates do go down. The insurance companies do take into account driver history.
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Yeah, when I was <25 I had a whole string of tickets under my belt. In fact, the State had suspended my privilege to drive on more than one occasion. I used to pay horrendous insurance premiums.

I've settled down quite a bit now, the last ticket I had was 6 years ago.
I hope to keep it that way also. You have to be really careful when you are driving a red Ferrari though! The cops do tend to look at those a little bit more than an old pickup truck.
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