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what did you think of the 612 Scaglietti?

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I already saw 4 of them, and I must say the nose looks much smaller than it appears in magazines, the side is very beautiful, the headlights are weird and ugly, the nose is like a very strange grin on somebodies face, and all the stylingelements just don't match. Any other opinions?

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Dr. Bob said:
the headlights are weird and ugly
that's an understatement
I haven't seen one yet in person so I cannot honestly say what I think...
Sadly, I haven't seen it either except the pictures. Come to think of it, I don't think they had one at Ferrari Brunch. I'm not sure there were any 456s either.
also they say it's a 2+2
but after seen the "space" that's behind the drivers seat, i doubt that a grown up can sit there comfortably
I must say that it has grown on me. When I first saw it, I was unsure. But when I walked into Foreign Cars Italia and saw one sitting there smiling at me...well...I fell in love again. It does have it's odd bits, but to me that adds to her charm. My only complaint would be the fact that they do proclaim it to be a 2+2...2 plus 2 what? The back of the front seats touch the front of the back seats. How can anyone/thing sit there? Oh well...I still will probably never buy one. (I'd rather have a 360 anyway)
I have yet to see one. Until then, I am withholding my opinion.

I have seen 2 612´s at Spa a couple of weeks ago. As with almost all Ferraris, pictures just don´t do it on this car. I think it is not that bad, I like the back and side view but the nose does not match the rest of the car. Those headlights are very ugly, as are the wheels which are a size to small.
Not a great fan either. Had seen at the factory the first batch of press cars being prepared for Detroit, and I was not impressed. I had been warned by my dealer that the car was ... special.
I saw another two at a dealership, I'd say that very dark colors suit the car better than clear ones.
I then saw yet another car in Fiorano, big fat barge, uninspiring noise (worse than a stock Maranello). I noticed horrible misalignment between parts on the side, below the door, towards the wheel arches.
I must respectfully disagree with some of you. I think the 612 is quite simply, a phenomenal car. It blows away ANY other car in its class. Think about it. The Bentley Continental looks like a tweaked juxtaposition of an Audi A6 and a Vanquish. The Maybach will suffocate you with its ostentatious super-luxury. I mean curtains in an automobile? Come on! The Porsche 911 2+2 has two tiny backseats that are often uninhabitable and are only suitable for a short trip around town. Its certainly not safe to take the car up to 150 with passengers in back. However, if you expect to carpool with the 612 Scaglietti you should reconsider your purchase;) The Ferrari 612 is also considerably better than the 456. With 104 more horsepower, Ferrari is emphasizing the importance of an abundance of power for the target market of executives and professionals.

Ferrari has shown that they can get into the ultra-luxury market. The German sedan craze has infected people's minds and caused consumers to often favor fast sedans rather than sports cars. Ferrari has successfully infiltrated the super-luxury sedan market with the 612 Scaglietti. It is certainly a different car than the Maranello or Modena, but for good reason. Ultra-luxury drivers prefer a mellow exhaust note to a Tubi exhaust nerve-racking melody. However, Ferrari doesn't fail to emphasize the performance aspects of the model. The gigantic hood and engine-bay accentuate Ferrari's effort to meet and exceed a new standard in engine power.

Perhaps some old-tymers prefer the pop-up headlights of the Lotus Esprit generation. However, Ferrari was long overdue to revamp the front end of its four-seater motorcar. The new headlamp design is very contemporary and stylish right now. A very successful car from Japan, the Infiniti G35, has a similar front-end. Also the shockingly-beautiful Alfa-Romeo 8C uses this design with the raised edges of the hood. The best view of the 612 is from the front-end with its wonderfully sculpted grill and front-spoiler. Perhaps critics of this car expect a mellow Mercedes S600 design. The 612 is meant to be spotted from far away, but you'll have to look fast since the 199 Mph top speed beats every car in the class.
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On Sunday there were three 612's present: pics on the Register(135553,135548 and 136331). Nice car, a good mix of retro and modern touches, ONLY what did they do with those headlights? And yes a real 2+2, 2 in front and 2 dogs ! I don't think anything else would fit back there. I'm certainly not waiting for a red one, looks better in black, grey, blue,...A true super(luxury) car,yes but I would settle for a Maserati Quattroporte any day if one was planning to take his family for a drive. Don't shoot me now!
I recently saw a 612 parked next to a 456M. From a design standpoint, I definitely prefer the 456. For whatever my opinion is worth, the 612 lacks the elegance of the earlier model. The headlights, nose, and tail seem disjointed.
I haven't seen one in person...thought Ferrari's website had some cool shots of it though. What are they going for?
After having seen one at Infineon, I've changed my judgement mildly. I think the design is not bad, but it's not the most beautiful thing that's come out of Maranello. For performance in it's class, it's great, but just as a looker, it's not gelling with me yet as the Stradale does. I'd definitley take one, but if I was looking for a 2+2 Ferrari, I think I'd find a recent 456M GT instead. I like the simplistic lines of the 456 personally right now compared with the 612's odd snout.
It's nice

I have not seen one in person but i have seen many pictures. It looks better than the 456M but it still isn't the beautyfullest Ferrari i have ever seen. Istill has the nice pininfarina beauty to it and i would take it anyday.
Hi all,

Let me give you my opinion about all current Ferrari-models:

360 Modena: a little too soft in red, but very nice in azzuro or grigio alloy.
Like the Challenge grille better than normal grille

Challenge Stradale: this is how the 360 should have looked like from the beginning!

575 Maranello: a good evolution of the 550, great in giallo or argento

Enzo: beautiful, because of its combination of typical Ferrari styling elements (the four rear lights) and F1 desgin details in the front.

and then:

612 Scaglietti: the first one I saw was the blue one at Spa Ferrari Maserati Days. A great colour. I like the side treatment which looks like the "Bergmann" 375. Worst side: the rear. The front looks like a big smiling shark. I like the details though.

But the best looking Ferrari at this moment:

360 Spider: absolutely perfect from every angle! Prefer it in azzuro or dark blue

And my top 3 of best looking Ferrari ever:

1. 365 GTC/4
2. 250 Spyder California
3. 512 BB

Who's next?
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Saw the car at Shanghai's official launch. Agree with Dr. Bob 100%.
cwwhk said:
Saw the car at Shanghai's official launch. Agree with Dr. Bob 100%.
Small world, one of our members here in SF was also at that opening.
how to recognize a fellow member

as I've just read at some events members are visiting not aware there are others present they've never met before, but they frequently 'talk' to each other on this great site. At the Spa Ferrari-Maserati Days at Francorchamps I saw a couple of the Telaio-chaps wearing a small badge. An idea for Andrew?
Another idea.
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