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Well, since you ask...

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My gargae isn't as huge as Henry's but here it is.

-1993 Ferrari 348 Speciale
-2003 Ferrari 360 spider

-2003 Porsche 911 Carrera cabriolet
-2003 Mercedes E55 AMG

The Porsche belongs to my wife, who has always been driving Porsche.
The E55 is obviously my everyday driver, but actually I drive the 360 more. The E55 is honetly only used during the end of the week, or if I have a long drive, I use the AMG. Both Italian stallions are mine, I've owned the Speciale ever since '93 and the 360 I just bought several months ago.
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Welcome to the site. Very nice, the E55 is awesome. It has enough power to keep up with any car while hauling the kids. I'm sure I'm not alone when I say I'd love to see the 348. I think 100 of those were made?

Yes, let's see some photos! Great collection!
So have you decided on trading in the AMG for the 645?
Thank you all for the welcome.. I noticed there are my guys from Scuderia forum, good to know you are here as well.

Mch, I think I am more in store for the new M5 which should be with us as early as this fall. The 645 would be nice but that V10 in the M5 is something to wait for. If I do get a 6 series, it wil be the M6 and that is only so that I drive the Ferraris less because with a 550HP V10, the Ferraris will be something to use maybe twice a month. Right now I use the 360, more, weekly, than the E55, which some people think isn't very wise, but the Ferrari V8 is more preferable than the Mercedes V8. But we shall see, im just waiting for the M5 to get publicized and then I will decide from that point.

I can take pictures sometime tomorrow, if I remember, its not a problem.

Take care
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Giorgio, I see you've made it over here. Nice, and welcome to the forum.

I can only say that I'd be happy to see more pics of your cars.
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