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An overdue Thank You to all.

I have been battling an illness that took the wind out of me since the Holidays but now am starting to feel a little better. I knew better than trying to discuss anything technical on a site when under the influence of some kick butt medications so I layed low and tried to re coop.

Dino Hoses:
I have all the straight sections done and fitted on a 72 at this point. The molded hoses are in line to have the tooling done. The investment costs of setting up the tooling has me picking and choosing which comes first. With so many variants to the 246 hoses, the US cars with AC look to be the first to be done.

Gold Connector Kits:
With most of the models sharing many of the same connectors which are all in stock by the tens of thousands now, its only a matter of defining what any given kit consists of. I am very grateful to many folks that have stepped up and take the time to help define new kits. We are now underway putting together the 550 and 456 kits to add to the list of those already done.

Fuse boxes:
With the help of Jim and Adam we now have the 512 fuse box kits done and in production. Steve is helping with the final changes to the 328 box as I type this and I expect that will be done this coming week.

Looking forward to getting back in the fold now,

Hope you're feeling better. I'll need Dino hoses, please put me down for a set.
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