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My sincere thanks to all for the kind welcome. My Special thanks to Andrew for making this Sponsors forum a reality.

I know as much about brain surgery as marketing products as we are just a small family business with a focus and strive to deliver perfection in maintaining Ferrari's. The sole basis of the products we are now making was to provide my local customers with solutions to problems that kept reoccurring. As it turned out we ended up having to develop products from scratch as there really was nothing available that would permanently solve all the problems, hence the name "Innovations". It was at the suggestions of our local customers to make these Solutions available to all Ferrari Owners, that led to the creation of Scuderia Rampante Innovations as our parts sales division. I am a firm believer in word of mouth as the best advertising method and we have no intension to let down any of those that placed their trust in our products. We developed our products for those looking for the highest quality available.

Credit where it is due, there are some brilliant folks I have had the privilege to work with throughout
this process, true pro's of the highest level in each field. It is those folks that made this all come together and become a reality. The constant reassurance from Ferrari owners and good friends that I was doing the right thing gave us the incentive to follow it through to the end. This is truly a Community Effort in every sense of the word as it is the Ferrari Owners themselves that kept requesting solutions, not short term repairs. We are very proud to be able to offer products we know will provide solutions to many problems that have plagued the marque for years on end.

In this new year we look forward to working with other Pro's in the business on Solutions to a number of areas not yet dealt with. I am proud to work with these folks as each is a recognized professional in their own fields. Our own Robbie and Gary are just a few of the folks involved in these efforts. It is a true asset to this site to have folks of their caliber involved here. It is my wish that we can make FerrariLife the "Go To" place for answers that have a great many years of first hand professional knowledge behind those answers.

Best Wises to all,


Nicely stated!!
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