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Was having a look at some Ferrari sites, when I came across this picture of a 355 engine - tell me what you think of this picture...


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This is the F355 engine configuration from 1996 to 1999. The 2 air intake ducts join into one single air-flow meter and then split again to feed the headers. In pre-1996 engines the 2 air intake pipes are seperated from the 2 air filter box and so have 2 seperate airflow meter.

The pre 1996 engines have slightly better power output ( and they were still used on the F355 Challenge cars past 1996) but obviously need 2 airflow meters to adjust rather than the "convenient" 1 unit. :)
what type of air flow meters are tehy? karman, hot wire, or flapper door style. i highly doubt the first and last i think its hot wire style with map compensation. but i dont know. so what is it??

adlinyusman said:
what's the weird part?
Well maybe it's just me - but it looks like someone's attacked it with a can of silver spray paint!!

OK - on the other hand - maybe I was just having a bad day :nuts:

I actually thought it was a plastic model, because of all that silver. :oops:
Iono. When I first saw it I thought it looked dirty and din't think it was silver... :p
I think it's just a bad picture. Bazil, maybe you have too much time on you hands.
thom360 said:
Bazil, maybe you have too much time on you hands.
I think that's probably closest!!! :green:
hahahaha...yeah you DO have too much time on your hands! My engine bay is spotless btw. :p
I think there is a lot of sun from behind, that is reflecting, giving it a silver look ;)
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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