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Let me know if you have any of these new or used:

1) OEM Car Cover Set for 360 Modena
- red bag, car cover, seat covers, steering wheel cover
- happy with a used set, if still in good condition

2) Carbon Fiber Airbox Covers
- any weave pattern is ok, just need to look good/no broken weaves
- won't be used on vehicle so inside/seal doesn't need to be perfect

3) Any Pieces of the Official 360 Luggage
- prefer it in tan/beige, but open to black

4) Just an RPM/tachometer Gauge for the 360
- I’d prefer yellow with the horse, but open to other options based on price.
- Also would be ok with a full gauge update but it's all based on price.

5) Smart Turn Signal - Direction Indicator Lights Flasher ECU
- This makes tapping the stalk temporarily flash the single lights, for lane changes.
- I know of the Scud Ing Turn Signal that does this, open to other options.
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