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We will be starting a 501(c)3 non-profit racing charity group. Habitat For Humanity, and Make-A-Wish Foundation will be two of the groups we’ll likely support.

The vehicles are a 360 Modena, and also a 4x4 pickup truck (for dirt-road events.)

Please let us know which names below you like best!

a. Big-Heart Racing
b. Charity Racing Team
c. Common-Good Racing
d. Washington Racing (we’re in Washington State)
e. Charitable Auto Racing Enterprises, which spells out C.A.R.E.
f. Finish line charity
g. Good Neighbor Racing
h. Heart-felt Racing
i. Speed For Need
j. Speed For Needs
k. Helping Hand Racing. Or Helping Hand Racing Team.
l. Racing for good
m. Racing For Humanity

Thanks to all who have helped suggest these names!
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