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Viva Italia, Assen, the Netherlands

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Looks like I am going to make it anyhow!

Others are going as well? Edvar I am sure, Dirk, you too? But also some 'new' faces (for me at least)?

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so you are going???
good that way i might go aswell
how far is it Niels
maybe i can drive over to you first and we go together?, i think you know your way a little bit better there :green:
It is about two hours away from me.

Yes, I will certainly go to Viva Italia. Arvid (my brother) is going too. I'm sure I'll see you over there ... Grtx, Edvar
just had a great day today at the track with Niels
good wheater and most importantly lot's of interesting cars
not so many ferrari's tho, but still very interesting other italian breeds in my humble opinion
some of the higlights a lambo diablo gt, lambo 400, 350, islero and even espada's
even 6 Iso's where there wich is a very rare sight
couple of beautifull classic maserati's, lancia's and alfa's
and the central theme was De Tomaso with around 15 cars present including a group 4 racer, with had an amazing sound

be sure to expect a nice little gallery soon

it was great meeting you today, and i will probably see you in 3 weeks at Zandvoort

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Indeed nice event, nice car, nice weather. Only thing missing were the beautiful woman, but I have been told they were all at Zandvoort today ;-)

Thanks for the ride Dirk, and we will figure a way out of that stupid parking ticket overhere.

1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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