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does anyone know where i can find the video of the mercedes clk-gtr flip at Le Mans?
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similar crash on Road Atlanta with Dalmas in a Porsche GT1 in 1998 or 1999
found one again
this one is from the race, i'm sure that i have anotehr better version somewhere
Re: yups

///NFSThundeR said:
it really is insane the f1 crash. i do still have an amazing video of an f1-race @ monaco. its from the start . it is just amazing how close they are, turnin' in that corner :nuts: :nuts: :nuts:
i stood there during the historic GP, really cool how close they have to race there, and how close i was standing :green:

there's another longer version of the merc crash. it also shows an arial shot of where the car landed in between the trees, the guy was unbelievably lucky
i remember seeing those crashes live, damn they where scary, and then to think that that was the 3th time it happened to the mercs in 3 days :-?
that was Irvine, and he was on 4th place or something if i remember correclty, but Schumi crashed into the back of DC later in the race
ofcourse, verstappen was so slow that everybody had already crashed by the time he arrived there :lol: :green:
1 - 6 of 17 Posts
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