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Valeo transmission opinions

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There's a '93 3.4 Mondi T with Valeo transmission for sale over here at the moment, and I was interested in what people think of this system. I understand that it has no clutch pedal & uses electronics to auto-engage/disengage the clutch when the gear lever is moved.

Was this system further developed into the current F1 system, or was it used in any other cars?
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Stradale said:
I don't have this yet, I'll get one when I'm in Melbourne. There's this bookshop called Technical Bookstore and it has almost every book that's written about cars! One of my favourite place to spend my afternoons.
Wow, Stradale, sounds like a wonderous place. Must be a fun destination. Technical...sounds like it would have all sorts of stuff like architecture and engineering and the like as well?
Stradale said:
It's not a text book kind of bookshop but a haven for all catergories of magazines and periodicals.
Ah, I gotcha.

Wow, if the valeo tranny ever has any problem, I bet it'll be hard to find parts then. But if it's reliable, you shouldn't have to worry about that.
1 - 2 of 17 Posts
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