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Valeo transmission opinions

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There's a '93 3.4 Mondi T with Valeo transmission for sale over here at the moment, and I was interested in what people think of this system. I understand that it has no clutch pedal & uses electronics to auto-engage/disengage the clutch when the gear lever is moved.

Was this system further developed into the current F1 system, or was it used in any other cars?
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I remember I have a small article about it. I can photograph it if you want. It is indeed a sort of F1 clutch, but with the normal stick. Just shift and the automatic clutch will figure it all out. It is a rare bird, and a very rare bird if it is RHD. Can you write down the VIN for me if you see the car? I like numbers of rare cars :)
Good book, they also have a V12 edition for 275/365 etc
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