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Under £60K per 1972 Ferrari

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Which is the greatest under £ 60K or $ US 100k pre 1972 Ferrari ? and why ???
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250 GTE

going between $30.000 - $70.000

cool car and underappreciated
Agree, but would you choose a 250 or a 330 or a 365 ? Especially under-consideration that these are to be used as GT ? Very interested as to the response. Boxer42
250 GTE

i'm crazy about the 250 Series, and the 250 GTE just looks the best of the bunch
and also Enzo used to drive one :wink:
If you are going pre-72 I would choose an early Dino 246 GT. Styling is very cool and the car is appreciating rapidly. If you get lucky you can find one for $50k USD but it will need some restoring.

I would agree with Dirk. 250 GTE. I don't know if the 246 makes a good distance car but I still perfer this car over the 250 GTE.
my 2nd choice would be a 365 GTC/4
those are going for $40.000-$80.000
last year at the Gstaad auction there was one in darkgrey with black interior, i REALLY wanted that one
Would have to agree with Dirk. 250 GTE by all means, a real tourer and has the 12 cylinder engine in the front :green: . A 330 GT would come second. The 365 (besides Daytona doesn't tickle my senses that much.
Does the 250 GTE have a 4 or 5 speed gearbox ?
The 246 Dino. It'll only appreciate in value. It's low maintainace, fun to drive and you make some money when you sell it off later.
The 246 Dino is a great car, BUT to be comfortable driving it you really need to be under 6 feet tall. Over in Europe, they have really appreciated in price in the last 2 years.

DjDirk - Are you sure on the 250 GTE being a 5 speed ? I thought it was a 4 speed with overdrive.

Also which is the preferred model, a 250 GTE or a 330 America ?
The 250 GTE has the 3 litre V12, while the 330 America has a 4 litre V12. The 250 GTE was made in approx 950 units, while the 330 America approx 50. Lots of both models were wrecked, converted into GTO, TR,... I think it would be hard to get a 330 America in good condition under 60K. If you would then the 330 America is absolute favourite.
in Gstaad last year there was a 330 America sold for $60.000
Thanks for the info, I checked the Bonhams history from last year, it looks like someone got a great bargain on the 330 America as it went for CHF 66,000 or roughly US $52,000.
that was the hammer price yes
you need to add the costs of the auction house with it and for some country's extra taxes
so the 330 was actually sold for $60.000
Still seems like a great buy. Especially when you consider that there were only 50 originally produced. The one I saw in Holland sold and if my memory is correct, the asking price was over Euro 65,000.
I would opt for a 330 GT 2+2, I just find the lines of that car more beautiful than that of a GTE. A Dino will also do. I am not sure about the prices of a 330 GTC but that one is another high on the list.

Don''t think any other (except the 365 GTC, GTC/4 and GTE) pre-1972 Ferraris can be bought for that price. Others would be more expensive, if not much more expensive.

Niels, Any suggestions on good places to look for a 330 GT 2+2 Series 2 or a 365 GT 2+2 in Europe ? Boxer42
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