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UK drive out------------------

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Few of us had a drive out in UK today.Here's some pics.


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Wish I'd know you were going out to play - I've just come back from a bit of a blast myself!!

Where did you get to?
Nice - I like Box Hill.

Used to go there on the bike in the summer - but it's just too busy/crawling with police now to be worth it.

I'm exactly the same - Rosso/Crema this time - but probably TDF/Tan next (if I get a choice) - because they look bloody fantastic!!!
Bob348 said:
By the way, i really hate the rear of the 348 ts, with round light...arrghhh NO way....

Bazil what do you think about it ?
I didn't want to say as I'm not sure which of the cars belongs to Tony - but seeing as you're asking (and at risk of offending Tony) I think it's absolutely horrific.

It's obviously a nice original car - still has the black roof, still has the black lower panels - so why someone would do that to the back of it, I don't know.

I've rarely seen a Ferrari that's undergone "home improvements" and has come out looking better - and this certainly didn't.

Tony - if it's yours - please don't take offence. I do absolutely accept that modifications are a very personal thing - and one mans horror story may well be another mans dream. The above is simply my opinion.
From the front - right to left

360 Spider
348ts with none standard grill
355 spider
355gtb with challenge grill
355 spider with challenge grill
355 gts
355 spider
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Like it Dirk - that's a great pic.
tonyh said:
Mine is the 355 Spider with Challenge grill.
. The 2 348's both have modified rears.The GTS has Challenge grill and 355 lights and the GTB has the whole rear from a 355 . The Challenge rear was a custom made job while the 355 rear was sold as a package , price i believe was around $2k.
I've spotted the tb - 2nd from the end!! Wouldn't have noticed if you'd not mentioned this - can just tell from the front.
1 - 6 of 19 Posts
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