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UK drive out------------------

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Few of us had a drive out in UK today.Here's some pics.


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Bazil said:
Wish I'd know you were going out to play - I've just come back from a bit of a blast myself!!

Where did you get to?
We met at Box Hill and took a brisk drive out to Arundel, via A29. Weather was ok , with a bit of sun and NO rain.
I think most 1st time Ferrari buyers go for Rosso/corsa or nero. I know i did, but next time it'll be TDF/tan for me.
the cars were;
3 x 355 Spider
1x TR
1 x 360 Spider
2 x 355 GTB
1x 348 TS
!x 348 TB
1 x 308 GTB.
Mine is the 355 Spider with Challenge grill.
. The 2 348's both have modified rears.The GTS has Challenge grill and 355 lights and the GTB has the whole rear from a 355 . The Challenge rear was a custom made job while the 355 rear was sold as a package , price i believe was around $2k.
As you say, this is a very personal thing and the Challenge grill car has grown on me a lot. I know the guy who owns the car and he has spent a lot of money and time on it. The car also has 355 Challenge Speedline wheels and uprated discs and calipers.
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1 - 3 of 19 Posts
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