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I am not the typical Ferrari owner.

I am not rich nor have I ever owned or driven a hot car before owning a 550.

There are those who understand and love the Ferrari car. It is a great hobby for them. The older cars are kept up by them. Boy, it Ferrari ever lucky to have the hobby owner. Because of them, all Ferraris have value. As the years go by, Ferrari will always have some value. A 1983 Toyota, Chevy, or VW have no value.

The wealthy man who Ferrari is but a toy. He buys them and sells them to fit his taste. Many of these Ferraris have low mileage but are in need of repair. The exterior looks great.

The young buck who somehow is making the coin to get a Ferrari. It is a status symbol and can get him hurt.

Then there are the men like me. We have the money to buy any car and maybe a few more. Ferrari is but a means of getting me somewhere and back again. Of course, it is very nice the Ferrari is the standard against which all cars were measured in the last century and it still holds true. I think I am in the single digit percentage of Ferrari owners.

I love driving my Ferrari Maranello (108108) beast.


Yes, it has been over 3 months since the last love letter to Fiat.


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There are few things that I enjoy more than driving my Ferrari. I can not understand owners who buy them for display in garage style living rooms. I can remember who said it, but "If you can, You must". As for maintenance, take care of it and a Ferrari will take care of you. I fully agree with Bart on his point about the hobby.
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