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Two New Riders Of My Ferrari Today!

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I was able to give two people their first ride in a Ferrari today.

The first one works with me. She and I drove around 100 miles on the Southern California Freeways. I was not able to show her the acceleration of my beast until the last half mile. I could only use third and fourth on the freeway. Those are not too shabby but first is best for that feeling. She screamed, “Ohhhhhhh mmmmyyyyy!” to first.

The second one was the man who takes care of my mother-in-law. She has had a major stroke. There was no place to really drive it but he thanked me and took a few pictures. I did take many of him in and besides the car with his camera.

It feels so good to help others to see the light.

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Bart, An elderly relative of mine made basically the same Ohhhhhh Myyyyy statement the first time I took her out for a drive about 6 months ago. When we were done, she also turned to me and asked if I thought she was to old to buy her first Ferrari. I of course said No !
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