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Turn Signals won't work '79 308

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My turn signals don't work! The emergency flashers do work, and the turn signal switch works (checked with a ohm meter), but the turn signals don't work and the wiring diagram in the owner's manual doesn't match what is in the car. My manual is not orignal and I wonder if it is for the wrong year. Here's the issue:

The electrical schematic shows an emergency flasher relay and a turn signal flasher. The turn signal flasher is with all of the other relays (far upper left of relay panel), and the emergency flasher is far to the right of the fuse blocks. My car has no flasher relay at the far right of the fuse block. When I activate the emergency flashers, the flasher relay listed as the turn signal relay is the one that activates. The wire colors don't seem to jive perfectly either.

Does anyone have a schematic for a '79 that shows only ONE flasher relay that I can look at (maybe scan it)? I feel like an idiot (I'm an electrical engineer, so I should be able to figure this out), but it's impossible to decode the wiring without a schematic.

Sorry for being long-winded!

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Fixed It!

The spade connector for the turn signals was off of its terminal in such a way that it LOOKED like it was connected. Anyway, they work great now!

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