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Marked For Competition Use Only. Although this means not for use on public roads, I drove it for years with no problems from US law enforcement.
This exhaust adds that raw and unbridled sound to your Dino. Hear this exact exhaust system on Dino via You tube (below)
Exceptionally nice used condition, Stainless Steel Tubi Competition exhaust that made my 1972 E series 246 GTS scream like ripping burlap. This is in solid condition, perfectly functioning but swapped out to go OEM Ansa. Complete with moving ring collar Dino mounting so this bolts right up to OEM and lowers back pressures to result in a Free Rev'ing Dino.

I recently sold the car after going back to original and have this remaining. Current Tubis are not always the Comp model so here is a chance to get a rare one made to the old style specs, as this is Serial Numbered by Tubi being number 41. Keep watching, I have two refurbished OEM ANSA E exhaust and matching manifolds I'll be selling soon



1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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