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TR Oil of pics...

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Well guys (and girls) I removed the cambelt covers and here is what greeted me. The crank main seal appears to have given up the ghost. The waterpump looks good, but I may rebuild it any since I'm in it up to my elbows now. Please share your thoughts.


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carguy said:
I'm not sure what caused it right now. I'll know more when I lock the cams down, remove the belts, and then remove the crank gears. Then I'll be able to see much more. The crankshaft is smooth, so no marks or nicks occured from that. But I've now heard the the seal inner diameter rubber lip should be "biased" inwards towards the motor, and not herniated outward. Does this make sense? THIS IS ONLY CONJECTURE at this time, I will post the facts when I have them. I was very careful when installing it last time, but must have missed some small detail. I'll let everyone know when I have more concrete information. Maybe I can spare some other poor soul from going through this.
Have you got it back together yet? You are correct, the taper should point in towards the engine, not outward.

It looks like the engine on the TR is fairly easy to remove. How long did it take you to get it out? I have no idea how hard it is on the 308 and I hope I never have to find out.
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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