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I have wondered this myself. For me, living in Maine, it is not an issue; the car can never be more than a toy since it would be stuck in a parking lot with 3" of snow on the ground. To me, owning a Ferrari 308 is the same as the guy that has a $25k Harley-Davidson only I can put the top on if I get caught in the rain.

For the people who live in climates where the Ferrari could be a daily driver, how long would it last? I think the maintainence costs would be very high. But, I look at the specified maintainence in the manual and I think it is a bit extreme. I think (well, justly so) that Ferrari wants the car in race ready condition at all times. On my 308, I believe the manual calls for me to pull the spark plugs and clean them every 5,000 miles, on a new car, you don't even have to look at the plugs for 100,000 miles. I think that the Ferrari is so well built that if you follow the golden rules of clean air, clean oil and clean fuel you should have a car that will last as long as a Volvo. It may not be up to factory race specs after 100,000 miles but I don't think it would let you down.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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