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I am a bachelor but a few times. Tonight I was alone. The toy was used to drive to the beach. There I saw a few V-8 entry level Ferraris. Finally, a big Lambo said, “Hello!” We finally both smiled at each other as we parted. It was a beautiful evening.

Driving past Crystal Cove was sad for me. It was always a nice experience. Now tomorrow morning I will sleep. Why go to an auto show?

I discovery something about my beast I did not know. Before you drop down to Laguna Canyon Road, there is a real bar. I met Tom, the owner. The 550 had a place at the front door. Of course, there was a spot behind me and in front of me. The meter was off for the street. I was parking downhill. Therefore, I turn the wheels to the curb.

After a great time in the joint, I left. I could not turn the key to the on start postion because the sheering wheel was lock. With the brake on and the clutch in, I found it did not want to move. Yipes. It was not easy to start.

In a couple of hours, the qualifying starts.

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