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Tomorrow will be a good day!

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Well, Dirk had one, adlinyusman had one, and Bob had one so now it's my turn!
I just found out the dealer I go to most has a 612 in stock right now. I have already confirmed it with them and have an appointment to see it tomorrow! Heck yeah I'm taking my camera!
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Sounds great! Can't wait to see the pictures!!! Enjoy yourself there!

I'll have to call up Ferrari of SF and see if and when they're getting a 612 in and that next batch of 360 Stradales that I was told about last time I visited. I want to see one in another colour besides Rosso Scuderia, not that it's a bad colour or anything, but I would like to see one maybe in Nero or something. I've seen pics, but I want to see one in the flesh, in Nero.

The dealer is pretty cool with me, kind of like in Bob's case. They all recognize me and stuff now and I'm free to look around and take pictures. I just have to ask to sit in a car, but that's fine with me.
I would personally like to see a 612 in nero. I think that might look a bit better. But I'd be quite happy right now with seeing any. :p
1 - 2 of 19 Posts
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