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Tomorrow will be a good day!

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Well, Dirk had one, adlinyusman had one, and Bob had one so now it's my turn!
I just found out the dealer I go to most has a 612 in stock right now. I have already confirmed it with them and have an appointment to see it tomorrow! Heck yeah I'm taking my camera!
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The dealers I go to love to have me come in and take pics because they know I post them online and tell who has it for sale. Free publicity for them and lots of pics for me. Works out to benefit us both. :wink:
I plan on snapping a pic of every VIN of every Ferrari they have there. :wink: They have never given me any grief about it before. Also, when I do sit in one, I empty my pockets onto the salesmens desk so my keys do not accidently poke a hole in the interior.

I have also been promised that one day when the Sales Manager is away, I will be allowed to ride in one even though he knows I will not be buying anytime soon.
1 - 3 of 19 Posts
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