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I want that VIN number!!!

and about those dealers, it really depends on the dealer. Some love cars, and like it when a kid walks in just photographing and respecting the cars. saturday I walked into a dealership for the first timethere. I recognized the owner of the place, and he started talking to me, and let me run photograph as many as I wanted. Also writing s/n was no problem at all. When you do it at some others they ask you not to photograph the plates (how do you photograph a car without the plates???) and when you get your pen and pencil to write s/n they look at you like you are a demon or something.

Seven ask you to leave. I don't know what it is. I know some visitors are peopel who go sit in the cars, make fingerprints and all, without even asking. I never touch the cars, I just admire and take photographs. So I guess other peopel are ruïning it for me. And offcourse some dealers are just big ***holes
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