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Tomorrow I get to drive my Toy.

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My wife and I are meeting my pettifogger and his wife to go to a concert. He told me his daughter would be coming home from work early to see the car. Of course, I asked him if he thought his daughter would enjoy a quick spin in my car. He said yes.

Tomorrow, Friday the thirteen, I need to go fast in a 550 in the center of Orange County, California mid-afternoon. I may use the Corona del Mar Freeway or a couple on ramps and off ramps. Yipes!

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Wow, sounds like fun, Bart! Have a good time.
:lol: Have fun... ...every reason is a good reason to drive... ...friday the 13th or not :wink: !
Rub it in Bart! :p
Can you bill him back for giving his daughter a ride? If he's indeed a proper pettifogger and it was the other way around you'd be charged $1.30/mile and $120/hour.

I'm sure he'd understand. :wink:
$450 per hour.

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