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This weekeds FCA event at Lime Rock

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This weekends event was amazing. There were many F355 and 360 challenge cars, along with alot of street cars. The highlight of the weekend was my 25 minute ride in Matt Karson's F355 challenge. He was turning sub-59 second laps with me in the car, which is faster than most F355s where running without the added 175lbs of a passenger. The ride was amazing, the 360 challenge ahead of us couldnt run from us. It may have pulled on the straights, but in the corners we were right on its ass. Since Matt was running with the red group passing was allowed anywhere, this made things very fun. The cornering grip was impressive, especially around west bend which is downhill so it loads the suspension, pressing the car to the ground giving it more grip. Braking was at least 3 times harder than a street car. Without the harnesses holding me in i would have been through the windsheild. It was a lot of fun. I cant wait for the next FCA event at watkins glen. pics are on their way
1 - 3 of 3 Posts the pics are here. you have to register to see them, it takes a second. This board kind of sucks, there are too many immature kids on it.
I know that board, i've posted a couple of times there
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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